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Established in 2002, Xiamen Shengfang Ecological Technology Company is a comprehensive enterprise combine with import &export, R&D in new material manufacture and process. providing ecological technology solution in the field of fillings, it is one of the leader company in industry  of plant fiber composite at home.
Company have introduce advanced technology and machines to produce environmental and low carbon composite—plant foam , from reproductive natural material (plant fiber),they are widely used in seat of furniture, cars, aviation, CRH train, also in the industry of interior trim part, architectural ornament , sound insulation, horticulture and so on.Plant sponge is the right substitute of oil polymer foam, belongs to national strategy emerging industry and key industry encouraged to invest by government.
Company owns 6 subsidiary and takes a stake in a public company. It is one of the first-class cooperative partner of FAW, DONGFENG MOTOR CORPORATION, BEIQI,FOTO, the main supplier of upholstered furniture in domestic well-know brand. Company have solid R&D capacity in terms of plant sponge production, owns three independent production technique in R&D and eight serious of production, till now, five production base were founded in Sichuan, Chongqing, Tianjin, Fujian, Hubei, the capacity of plant fiber composite come to 100,000MT.

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Main supplier of upholstered furniture in domestic well-know brand.
One of Leading enterprise in plant fiber compund industry in China.
National strategy emerging industry and key industry encouraged to invest by government.
Key enterprise of China Environmental protection industry.

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  • 2000
  • 2002
  • 2005
  • 2009
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  • 2011
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    • 2000
      specialized in import of coconut fiber

      厦门盛方生态技术有限公司于2002年成立,是集进出口贸易、新材料加工制造和应用研发为一体的综合性企业,提供填充材料生态技术解决方案,是国内植物纤维复合材料行业的龙头企业之一。        公司通过引进国外先进的生产工艺和技术设备,利用可再生的自然资源(植物纤维),制造天然环保、低碳可靠的新型植物纤维复合材料——植物海绵,产品广泛应用于软体家具、汽车/航空/动车等座椅和内饰件、建筑装饰、隔音隔热、园艺等行业。植物海绵是石油高分子发泡海绵的优良替代品,属于国家战略新兴行业业和重点鼓励投资的产业范畴。        公司旗下拥有控股子公司6家、参股上市企业1家。是一汽、东风、北汽、福田的一级合作商,是国内一线软体家具品牌的主要供应商。公司在植物海绵制造方面具备扎实的生产和研发能力,拥有三大自主研发的生产工艺及八大产品系列。截止目前,公司已在四川、重庆、天津、福建、湖北等地投资建设生产基地,年产植物纤维复合材料超10万吨。

    • 2002
      Xiamen Shengfang Ecological Technology Co.,Ltd was founde with the expansion of plant fiber import


    • 2005
      Cooperate with HAYLEYS GROUP--Public company in London,engage in the field of plant fiber products
    • 2009
      Chongqing factory was founded, trade volumn takes 10% in the industry of coconut fiber


    • 2010
      Act as a leading corporation to set National Standard of Plant Fiber Industry, obtain a Innovation Award from CNFA


    • 2011
      Introduce plant fiber automobile seat production line

      从国外引进植物纤维 汽车靠背垫生产线

    • 2012
      Chengdu Factory was founded


    • 2013
      Sichuan Factory was founded


    • 2014
      Fujian Factory was founded


    • 2015
      Tianjin Shenglong Corporation was listed in NEEQ


    • 2016
      Start the main-board listing plan


Company Culture





Enterprise Mission:To be a good solver of ecological technology of plant fiber filling material
Core Value: People-Oriented Harmonious Ecology
Company Spirit: Leader, Practitioner, Vindicator of ecological civilization construction.

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  • 2012 Xiamen City growth-type enterprise<m met-id=178 met-table=img met-field=title></m>
    2012 Xiamen City growth-type enterprise
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    Contribution Award
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    Quality-Satisfied honor
  • Precision advanced individual for poverty alleviation<m met-id=181 met-table=img met-field=title></m>
    Precision advanced individual for poverty alleviation

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